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Puzzled foreigners Common sense of Japan about food

We understand that and also way of eating, such as differences in customs, the Japanese and common sense, to a foreign one"? ? ?" Or was you.Here are eaten in Kakinokibatake Shopping district, the manners and way of eating a description of each dish. Foreigners who are in especially your reference.

■寿司 Sushi

寿司 Sushi

Sushi in Kanazawa is using fresh fish caught in the Sea of Japan.If you go to Kanazawa you want to eat as much as possible.It is said that the traditional way of eating is to eat sushi with your hands could, but it is not a mistake to eat with chopsticks.Put soy sauce in small dish, please eat with neta. What is sauce with salt and eat as is."Jyanomezushi" is a venerable sushi in Kanazawa.Has been carefully prepared materials such as Kaga vegetables and fresh neta, until the rice and water.

[The shop where Sushi is eaten is here.]
丼の「あげは」(Ageha)」、「蛇之目寿司本店(Janome zushi Main Location)

■中華料理 Chinese food

中華料理 Chinese food

Chinese food is a dish which eats all together the dish which was able to be dished up to the big plate especially while enjoying conversation. The dish included in a big plate is taken to a small plate in an order from a guest. One small plate per dish is used fundamentally. The Chinese food of Kanazawa has many things unique to Kanazawa using local abundant foods.

[The shop where Chinese foodis eaten is here.]
全開口笑(Zenkaikosyo)」、「中華 北京(Chinese Pekin)

■韓国料理 Korean cuisine

韓国料理 Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine is fundamentally eaten with a spoon and chopsticks.Do not lift the food you eat dishes (To burned and get the bibimbap with grilled stone)Bibimba, Kuppa, Samgyeopsal , and Chijimi are mentioned as a typical dish.

[The shop where Korean cuisine eaten is here.]
韓国料理ソウル家(Korean Food Seoulya)」、「sumibiyakiniku Wakatake

■スペイン料理 Spanish cuisine

スペイン料理 Spanish cuisine

As for the Spain food, olive oil and a garlic are often used and paella etc. are mentioned as a typical dish. The full-scale Spain food in which the fresh delicacies from the sea of Kanazawa were employed efficiently can be experienced.

[The shop where Spanish cuisine eaten is here.]
Spain Mediterranean food Casa de Live Kanazawa」、「BATiCA

■そば Soba

そば Soba

There are two types of soba.Boil noodles, rinse with water "morisoba"put in bowl of boiled noodles, dipped in soup "kake soba".If the morisoba, boiled juice of soba may be coming out as Sobayu. You can drink the soup diluted with Sobayu remaining after eating soba.Sobayu is to drink, or may not drink.It has been said so that when you boil the soba out of nutrients, and good for health.In Kakinokibatake "handmade soba Sarashina Fujii", using sarashinako (buckwheat especially highly purified white) soba you can eat.

[The shop where Soba eaten is here.]
手打そば 更科藤井(Teuchi Soba Sarashina Hujii)

■洋食・カレー Western food・Curry

洋食・カレー Western food・Curry

The Kanazawa origin which carried a soft egg and the deep-fried dishes of white-fleshed fish, and poured catsup and tartar sauce on catsup rice when calling it the European food of Kanazawa "Hanton Rice is famous. Please be applied so that Rice cannot see [ thick ], and that the cabbage has got should eat the "Kanazawa curry" of the feature.

[The shop where European food and Curry eaten is here.]
グリル中村屋(Grill Nakamuraya)」、「ビストロ&山海チャコール ボーノボーノ(Bistro & Sankai charcoal Bono・Bono)」、「BATiCA」、「ITARIAN BAR EN」、「喫茶 ヒッコリー(Tea drinking HICKORY)」、「Bistro Pas à pas

■ラーメン Ramen

ラーメン Ramen

Japanese people's favorite dish has Ramen.Although it is Chinese food from the first, it evolved uniquely and, now, is established as a Japanese original menu in Japan.Since there are various kinds of Kakinokibatake, such as ramen noodles of a Chinese restaurant and Tonkotsu Ramen of the Hakata noted product, it may be good to eat and compare.

[The shop where Ramen eaten is here.]
全開口笑(Zenkaikosyo)」、「中華 北京(Chinese Pekin)」、「博多一風堂金沢香林坊店(ippuudo Kanazawa Korinbo)

■お好み焼き Okonomiyaki

お好み焼き Okonomiyaki

To Okonomiyaki There are two types.In a small bowl mix the material, Kansai-style grill in iron plate.Hiroshima-style layered materials are numerous ways.Kansai style You can also bake your own. Hiroshima-style cooked it is common in a store."Tetsuwan teppanyaki" of Kanazawa, and from the commitment of the owner, I would like you to eat delicious Best in the state, we have provided in the "store baked".

[The shop where Okonomiyaki eaten is here.]

■おでん Oden

おでん Oden

Oden is a dish cooked in a broth seasoned ingredients in soy sauce or miso.Oden is a unit ingredients (fish sausage, fish minced and steamed, radish, egg, etc.) you order in. If you do not know the name, let's ask the staff.In Kanazawa is the region from unusual geographical conditions also eaten "Kansai-style Oden" also "Kanto-style Oden."Since you can enjoy both in Kakinokibatake, please try to eat than means. (It is very delicious joined the goodness of material of both Kanazawa)

[The shop where Oden eaten is here.]
Oden Takasago

■バー Bar

バー Bar

In Bar, charge (amount of money to a seat) occurs independently in many cases. It is also one method that an order tells and consults with on its feeling and image the bartender who is a pro of alcohol.

[Bar's shop is here.]
Bar MARTINI」、「NAPOLI KANAZAWA」、「ビストロ&山海チャコール ボーノボーノ(Bistro & Sankai charcoal Bono・Bono)」、「BATiCA」、「広坂ハイボール(hirosaka Highball)」、「GOLDEN FISH」、「もっきりや(Mokkiriya)」、「Bar Caprice」、「Wine Bar le Chateau de Chinon」、「shirasagi/Shirasagi Art」、「interval

■居酒屋 Izakaya

居酒屋 Izakaya

Izakaya, the delicious drink the liquor, good food is eaten, is a general-interest bar.In the Izakaya, the first drink will be catering to the general.Before orders will be catering food, often a simple appetizer to come out.Please note that in many cases take an additional cost.

[Izakaya's shop is here.]
ビストロ&山海チャコール ボーノボーノ(Bistro & Sankai charcoal Bono・Bono)」、「ITARIAN BAR EN」、「Itaru Main Location」、「interval


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