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【12th Kakinokibatake Mizukake Mikoshi】Last updated :2018/07/10

12th Kakinokibatake Mizukake Mikoshi

【11th Kakinokibatake Mizukake Mikoshi】Last updated :2017/06/26

11th Kakinokibatake Mizukake Mikoshi

【Persimmon festival 2015 Kanazawa Shitamachi Curry Exhibition in kakinokibatake】Last updated :2015/09/16

Persimmon festival 2015  Kanazawa Shitamachi Curry Exhibition in kakinokibatake

Curry Exhibition in Kakinokibatake.
It's also held magnificently this year!
The summation of the Kakinokibatake popularity, the West, the Chinese food, the multinational restaurant and the foreign countries.
A heart is included and special curry is made.
Please be satisfied by all means!

【2015 Kakinokibatake Star Festival】Last updated :2015/07/03

2015 Kakinokibatake Star Festival

Than 6/30 Tuesday 14:00, the one of the Star Festival
It was displayed.
Because I'm preparing a strip of paper in each store.
Please write a wish.
I include a wish in Ishiura shrine, burn up and do.

【Kakinokibatake Star Festival】Last updated :2015/06/29

Kakinokibatake Star Festival

Kakinokibatake Star Festival is also held this year.
It's than 14:00 on Tuesday, June 30 in Kakinokibatake pocket park.
Decoration is prepared.
Student studying abroad, person of foreigner and the person who would like to grant a wish
Please participate with the person who takes an interest.

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